The Art of Stating the Obvious 明知故问的艺术

在同济大学中芬中心名为“Angry Bird”房间墙上看到的poster。 The Art of Stating the Obvious 明知故问的艺术 No Ass-umptions  please Have FUN FUN FUN Clarify, English is strange Document everything! Efficient meetings! Daily Debriefs / Calibrations It takes time + a little more We are a team, no Han Solo‘s Someone = No one! Checklists are your friend Let’s practice what we preach


Tongji D&I School’s Graduation Show poster, designed by Central Academy of Fine Arts trained Du Qin, raised a heated discussion among university students and netizens. I went to check the actual poster (and the graduation show) out the other day. What’s more interesting than the contrast of Du Qin’s Dutch/Swiss-style poster with other posters, to me, … Continue reading Juxtaposition